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I Help Individuals and Organizations to Find their Purpose.
Award-winning musician can help you live a full life regardless of your proficiency, passion, or position!

Do you know what fires you up?
Do you feel you can offer more than what you’re doing now? Have you ever wondered what you’re meant to do with your life?

I know exactly how you feel.
Helpless. Hopeless. Lost. There was a time in my life when I felt exactly that. Things were so bad then that the thought of ending it all became a daily struggle. My bouts with depression paralyzed me. But what if I told you that despite whatever it is you are going through, wherever you are at this point in your life, it’s possible to live THE life: not just merely existing, but living a full life whatever your proficiency, passion, or position. I can help you get In the Right Seat… like how I found mine.

Hi! I’m Billy Dorsey.

You may have heard about me and my music, or my Grammy, Dove, and Stellar Awards, or my recording label and our successes over the years. But before all that, I want you to understand this: I was also helpless, hopeless, and lost. I felt there was simply no way out of my predicament.

It was there that I had a unique personal encounter with God. It was there where He told me to pay attention to every detail of my trials because He will, one day, turn these into my testimony. It was there that He promised me Stellar, Dove, and Grammy Awards. It was there that He told me that the world will know my name. All for His glory, not mine.

Work with Billy


His amazing journey from being homeless to getting In the Right Seat is genuinely inspiring. People from all walks of life identify with his story: a story of hope, of redemption, of breakthrough. More than that, Billy offers practical advice and a myriad of examples drawn from hard-earned life lessons that can help you find your purpose. Young people — whether those still in school or who are about to embark on their new career — or older ones, who have either retired or find themselves simply lost or stuck, can gain direction, self-confidence, increased earning power, and the ability to create their own essential business or brand intrinsically tied to their purpose.

Billy has worked with countless 6- and 7-figure companies and charities find their Right Seat, helping them find their pivot points, shaping their messages for maximum impact, and guiding staff and employees to their Right Seat to increase profitability and social footprint.

Work with Billy

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