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In the Right Seat

Billy Dorsey grew up the eldest son of a military father and pastor mother, with dreams of being a successful musician and writing songs that the world would one day sing. He attended Louisiana Tech University on a full music scholarship, and signed his first professional recording contract during his junior year of college, moving to Houston, TX to begin working on the first album with his group, Serenity. Unfortunately, that album would never be made; the record label decided they wanted to replace one of the other members of the group, and when Billy fought against the replacement out of loyalty, the label froze out the recording contract. Billy ended up homeless on the streets of 5th Ward in Houston, TX as a result, sleeping on cardboard boxes and eating out of trash cans to survive, battling suicidal thoughts and crippling depression all the while. His faith and his focus on his goals helped him to ultimately overcome the streets.

After getting back on his feet, Billy and his production team were soon discovered by Jonathan "J.R." Rotem (CEO of Beluga Heights/Warner Bros., label home for stars such as Sean Kingston and Jason DeRulo) and given the opportunity to realize their dreams, first writing songs alongside J.R., and then producing for stars such as Lecrae, Tenth Avenue North, and Andy Mineo. Albums Billy helped to produce topped the Billboard charts in multiple countries and went on to win Grammy, Dove, and Stellar Award honors. After selling a significant number of records, Billy and his team thebridgelife were able to first earn respected names in the music industry, and then leverage the influence their success provided to bring awareness to and help raise millions of dollars for charities associated with issues Billy connects deeply with from his journey: mental health awareness, homelessness, and Bible literacy. In the process, Billy developed his In the Right Seat ethos, which delineates a purpose focused life lived from the nexus of one's proficiency, passion, and positioning, and his talks sharing his journey and inspiring others to find and operate from their own purpose have spanned venues around the globe, with talks in Kampala, Uganda, Manila, Philippines, Milan, Italy, and New Delhi, India. 

With a strategic approach combined with an out-of-the-box perspective and valuable insights gained along his journey, Billy Dorsey helps people break through barriers and challenges, overcome doubts and take a large stride towards realizing their purpose and getting "In the Right Seat."


Billy Dorsey: Motivational Speaker

Award winning producer. Strategist. Philanthropist.

With a clear but simple mission of helping and inspiring others, Billy Dorsey is a Motivational Speaker that is known for making a memorable impact. His journey from overcoming homelessness and crippling depression to producing chart topping, Grammy, Dove, and Stellar Award winning albums and helping to raise millions of dollars for global charities has taught him valuable lessons on identifying and living from one's purpose. His unique approach combined with exceptional guidance and contagious enthusiasm makes him perfect for a large variety of audiences and events.

By providing people with the right tools and knowledge, Billy Dorsey has helped countless people unleash their potential, paving the way towards both personal and professional success as they live lives of purpose. Get in touch to learn more.


Award-Winning Music Producer

After signing his first recording contract at 19 years old and subsequently ending up homeless on the streets of 5th Ward in Houston, TX, Billy Dorsey found the resolve to pursue his purpose of making music at the highest level. He went on to overcome the streets and produce on hit albums that topped major Billboard charts such as the Christian, Gospel, Hip Hop, and Independent Albums chart, and to add albums to his resume that have won Grammy, Dove, and Stellar Awards.

He later co-founded thebridgelife Entertainment Group, a full-service record label and marketing firm, boasting #1 records from Grammy-nominated artists and a partnership with Indie Blu, the digital arm of Entertainment One (Nashville), the world's largest independent record company. Through thebridgelife, Billy helps to mentor and launch up and coming talent, as well as producing major artists, and crafting original music for weddings, conferences, and theme songs for major charitable organizations.


Philanthropic Efforts


Salvation Army Greater Houston

Mental Health

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Bible Literacy

United Bible Societies


Audience Testimonials

What Audiences Have to Say About Billy Dorsey

"I believe in Billy because of what he came through, what he stands for, and his heart to help others. You know, he didn't get stuck where he was, but he continues to rise higher and bless others. That's what our ministry is about, and that's what Billy is about."

Joel Osteen, Lakewood Church
(Quote from ABC News interview)

"Billy Dorsey’s message at his In The Right Seat talk was passionate, inspiring and heading in the right direction in a time where society needs hope. His power story and leadership now taking center stage is a room every entrepreneur, hopeful musician, and aspiring public speaker should step into in 2020 and beyond."

Elva Trevino, Founder of Champions Club

"(Billy) doesn't hide the past; he shows that it was the wind at his back for his future, and not only has he found his purpose and his success from pretty dire circumstances, but he's now carrying it forward and helping other people find their purpose."

Corbett Daniel Parker, President at Rotary Club of Houston, Skyline


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