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United Bible Societies

In 2015, upon learning of the need for Bible translations in more than 1500 languages and dialects globally, Billy Dorsey connected with United Bible Societies, the world's largest Bible translator, distributor, and publisher based in Swindon, UK, and partnered with them to create a multi-national Bible translation and music endeavor they named Your Word Project.

For this project, Billy and his team wrote and produced an inspirational song, entitled "Your Word," and partnered with some of the most well respected singers in more than 12 different nations, such as Marcos Witt (5-time Latin Grammy Award winning CCM artist with more than 30 million records sold), Beau Williams (Star Search winner, Dove and Stellar Award winner and Grammy nominee), and Cindy Cruse Ratcliff (2 time Dove Award winner, Lakewood Church Worship Leader) to record the song in more than a dozen languages. The songs were released in each country, and thebridgelife partnered with UBS and the Bible Society in each nation to produce and host ticketed Signs of Hope Concert events in each country. Billy and the artist who sang that nation's translation performed along with local talent in each country, and the proceeds from the songs, ticket sales, and merchandise sold in each nation went to the Bible Society of each nation to fund the needed Bible translation for that country.

So far, the Your Word Project has successfully funded Bible translations in New Delhi, India, Manilla, Philippines, Kampala, Uganda, and has translations of the song in Spanish, Mandarin, Hebrew, Hindi, Lugandan, German, Italian, French, English, Russian, Filipino, and more.

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